Setting this thing up...

Due to certain concerns regarding the home country of the current host of my main site (at http://kwhazit.ucoz.net) and how certain policies of said country (aside from being objectionable on principle) may relate adversely to some of my posts, I've decided to start mirroring the existing posts here. Additionally, any posts moving forward that don't strictly relate to the primary content of the main site will only appear here, where free speech is still valued.

And, hey, no obnoxious ads, either!

Speaking of which, if anyone knows of another free, or inexpensive, webhost that allows you to provide your own existing HTML files instead of forcing you to go through a design interface, I'm open to suggestions. I do miss FortuneCity's free hosting. For all its faults and lack of support, they at least had FTP and made sure the ads behaved themselves.

And it turns out I can backdate the posts, so everything is even properly dated and in chronological order!

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